Postdoctoral Researcher
University of Pennsylvania
Department of Computer and Information Science
Moore 102  
200 South 33rd Street  
Philadelphia PA, 19104  
ndd -email me at- cis -dot- upenn -dot- edu   


I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Computer and Information Science, at the University of Pennsylvania. My primary research focus is building trustworthy information protection systems. Specifically, I investigate the unanticipated interactions between operating systems, programming languages, and computer architecture. I recently completed my dissertation in the Computer Science Department at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as a member of Professor Vikram Adve's research group.


    [January 2017] Apparently I've been Discovered: Article #46. Thanks to Stephen Ornes for the opportunity, it is truly an honor to comment.
    [December 2016] Paper on "Deconstructing Xen" accepted at NDSS '17!
    [November 2016] Workshop paper on DIRECT accepted at FEAST '16!
    [August 2016] Officially graduated! Received my diploma from UIUC!
    [May 2016] Postdoc at the department of Computer and Information Science, at the University of Pennsylvania working with Prof. Jonathan M. Smith
    [May 2016] Successfully defended and deposited my thesis!  
    [June 2015] Latest work published at USENIX ATC '15: Slipstream  
    [May 2015] Released the source code for the nested kernel:  


I'm excited about research on trustworthy system design and implementation, secure execution environments, secure and private web browsing, privacy preserving communication systems, and deterministic record and replay systems. I am passionate about learning and the transfer of knowledge. My current research focuses on securing commodity operating systems from external attacks and applying novel operating system decomposition to enforce least-privilege protections within the operating system itself.

public key  
I recently setup PGP keys. The public key can be found on key server.